Message for New Patients

When you visit me for the first time I will need to know the state of your current health in detail. In addition I will also require some routine medical history, so please complete the enclosed medical background form as far as you can and bring it with you to your first appointment. If you object to this form for any reason that’s fine; it is not obligatory for you to fill it in, it only saves us both a little time initially.

Please list any medications you are currently taking (including supplements as well as homeopathic/herbal preparations) on a separate sheet of paper. If you have had homeopathic treatment in the past please list the homeopathic medicines you have been prescribed if you are able to.

I enclose a leaflet about homeopathy; if you have any further questions there will be time to talk them through when you come to see me. Please also find enclosed directions on how to get to me by car.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please give me 24 hours notice, otherwise there will be a charge.